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For maximum impact, punctuate your look with our amazing collection of statement cocktail rings, sparkly earrings, beaded bracelets and vintage-inspired necklaces!
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Logged Out Necklace, silver
Logged Out Necklace, silver zora bell boyd
$565.00 at Good As Gold
Just Desserts Ring, silver
Just Desserts Ring, silver zora bell boyd
$679.00 at Good As Gold
Long Bead Necklace
Long Bead Necklace Storm
$49.00 at Storm
Gem Studded Ring, silver
Gem Studded Ring, silver Meadowlark
$419.00 at Good As Gold
palm earrings
palm earrings Huffer
$69.00 $48.30 at Huffer
palm necklace
palm necklace Huffer
$99.00 $59.40 at Huffer
palm bracelet
palm bracelet Huffer
$119.00 $83.30 at Huffer
sterling silver round locket
sterling silver round locket walker and hall
$160.00 at Walker & Hall